Do I need to sign up to swap?

No! BrainDex is a permissionless service -- all you need is an Ethereum-compatible wallet.

Does BrainDex charge a fee?

We charge a small fee, usually less than any corresponding DEX fee, and we always show you the fee up-front. Read more in our docs here.

Does BrainDex have an audit?

Yes, our core router contract has been audited by Solidity Finance, and we will be securing additional audits as we are able.

Which DEXes do you support? Here you can find the list of the Dexes and Chains we currently support.

Will you support other chains?

We certainly will! We intend to expand our service to cover all of your favorite chains. Follow us on Twitter or hop in our Discord or Telegram to keep abreast of updates.

Does BrainDex have a token?

No, we don’t have a token at the moment, and you will never need to hold tokens to use our aggregator service.

What type of Cross-Chain Swaps do you support?

We have launched XCM Cross-Chain Swap from MOONBEAM (any) to ASTR (DOT,GLMR). It uses our dex aggreagator to make a Swap & Cross-Chain Transfer in one transaction. This is a Non-Custodial Swap & XCM Transfer, relying on MOONBEAM and Polkadot infrastructure for cross-chain assets transfer in a matter of seconds. We are in conversation with polkadot and parachains to provide a safe infrastructure for us to also make the swap on the destination: which will make our Cross-Chain Swap, Any(Source Chain) to Any(Destination Chain).

Will you support Cross-Chain Transfers in between other chains?

We will soon support ASTAR (any) => Moonbeam , XCM Cross-Chain Swaps too. Following that we will connect more chains in Polkadot ecosystem. We will soon support other exciting cross-chain & bridging protocols, starting with d2o of DAM Fianance, making liquidity and asset transfers easier not only across Polkadot & Kusama, but across other ecosystems too.

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